Mr. Laxman Kadam

Chairman - Kadam Patil English Medium School

"A Long journey starts with the first step, having a strong belief and conviction in your dream" . I set out on an exhilarating journey to make a difference to the lives of our children. Kadam Patil English Medium School was founded in the year 2015 The School provides an ideal environment conducive to a healthy and congenital atmospheres for education.

As an educational Institute.our School aims to mould the total personality of the children by developing their mind, sharpening intellect, nurturing creativity,strengthening body and above all enriching being and good citizen.

Needless to mention once again, this institute is not only a School but it is a dream,pride, a missions and commitments . I request continued support from everyone.Lets join hands and make this endeavour a big successes .